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Bienvenidos 2015-2016


Beethoven 2015_16Happy New Year 2016!

Welcome to the course 2015-2016!

CEIP Bilingüal “Beethoven”

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*** News***

New-03-june.gif (21557 bytes)Course 2016-17

FROM FEBRUARY 15 SE may collect information leaflets about school THINK FOR FAMILIES APPLYING FOR ADMISSION TO THE COURSE 2016-2017 … further information soon.

Filing deadline of March 31 to April 15 inclusive.


New-03-june.gif (21557 bytes)PARENTS MEETING OF 2nd QUARTER.

(At the end of the school day) We ask you to wait outside the hall until we indicate to them that they can enter. Thank you.

3 YEARS: 13/01/16 already done

4 YEARS: 01/14/16 already done

5 Years: 01/12/16 already done

1 ED. PRIMARY: 15/01/16 already done

2nd ED. PRIMARY: 01/18/16 already done

3rd ED. PRIMARY: 01.21.16

4th ED. PRIMARY: 20.01.16

5th Ed. PRIMARY: 19.01.16

6th Ed. PRIMARY: 22.01.16

* Remember that you can not attend the general meeting with the kids, so please leave them that day or are planning to dining collection by another family member or friend.


New-03-june.gif (21557 bytes)Admission of students course 2016/2017

• Viceconsejerías joint resolution of Education, Youth and Sports and Educational Organization for which instructions are issued on the participation in the process of admission of students in schools supported with public funds that provide second cycle of infant education, primary education, special education, compulsory secondary education and high school of the Community of Madrid for the academic year 2016/2017.

Submission of applications, from 31 March to 15 April 2016.


New-03-june.gif (21557 bytes) Circular Carnival 2016

For this course the party theme is Carnival: the cartoons of the 80, so they anticipate the costumes will each educational level.

Early Childhood Education:

3 years-Vicky the Viking. The Fruitis-4 years. 5 years-Willy Fog

Primary education:

1-Heidi. 2nd-The Smurfs. 3rd-Sesame Street. 4th-The Pink Panther. 5th-Crazy and cars 6th-Scooby Doo.

As always we count on your collaboration for processing.


Dining Reduced Price School from 2015 to 2016 . Tuesday November 3 you can check listings in the College of beneficiary families .


New-03-june.gif (21557 bytes)First Photogallery Halloween . Contest Exhibition Pumpkin (2-11-2015)


New-03-june.gif (21557 bytes)Videos Hallowen 2015 Dances from 3 years to 6 and making of.


New-03-june.gif (21557 bytes)Halloween 2015

Dear families we inform you of our upcoming celebration:

Halloween: 30 October 2015

One of the objectives of English is to know customs, festivals and traditions of Englishspeaking countries. Halloween is the best known, and given the high degree of motivation to students that, we use it to work on a project in which all students from the Center, involving from childhood Ed. 3 years to 6 ° of primary. A “terrifying” and “fun” party is at which work multiple and varied activities:

•Bulliding of the entrance hall with typical motives of Halloween.


•Games, viewing videos, stories.

•Learn songs and chants.

•Use of the PDI and other computer resources.

•Drama and development of crafts.

•Trick or treat.

•Competition and exhibition of pumpkins.

•Song in English and dance through levels throughout the day.

•And many scares in the passage of the terror that prepares the AMPA

We hope each year their collaboration so that your children come dressed up and participate in the contest of pumpkins that can bring on 26 and 27 of octubre.

25.562 this chilling lottery number is the AMPA at the school that you can buy at the gates to the entrance or exit of children and that will work to the end of 6th grade students travel.

The management team wishes you a happy Halloween

•Les encourage to visit the Center and see the decoration of the hall and the exhibition of pumpkins from the 28 Wednesday, after the entry or exit of students, or by visiting our website as of November 9, where you can see a wide exhibition of photographs of this celebration.


SCHOOL AGENDA BEETHOVEN 2015-16New-03-june.gif (21557 bytes)

Agendas School of course 2015-16 for students of 1 to 6 degrees can be collected in Secretariat. Price: €1

Also tutors can deliver them once paid.

A GREETING, the Management Team


New-03-june.gif (21557 bytes)Listed textbooks 2015-2016

Listado Libros 2015-16 CEIP Bilingüe Beethoven


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